Soil Blends

High Quality Potting Soil

Harmony Organics soil blends bring together our premier soil amendments to create a high quality potting soil that can be used in containers, raised beds, or amended into existing gardens. We use our sustainably produced Coco Coir as a base with Pumice for drainage, our Vermicompost, shrimp meal and Elemite.  This soil has ideal water retention, drainage, and fertility. We also can do custom blends upon request.

What it’s used for: Container gardening, raised beds, seed starting or amending existing gardens.

Environmental benefits: Our soil blends are produced with sustainable coco coir instead of peat moss (a limited resource), pumice rock instead of perlite, and holds water better than peat moss based mixes. Our Vermicompost inoculates the soil with beneficial microbes giving the soil the biological boosts your garden needs. Elemite gives your garden lasting trace minerals for fertility this season and beyond.