Natural volcanic stone

What it is: Pumice is a sustainable alternative to perlite. Pumice stone is a natural coarse aggregate that assists in the plant gas exchange - providing for the continual supply of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide from the root zone.

What it's used for: Pumice is an excellent  soil enhancement aggregate for existing or new soil medias. It can also be used in hydroponic applications as a soilless medium.  The benefits of pumice can be realized with as little as 10% addition to the soil or growing medium. Pumice provides an excellent source of aeration and drainage and will not compact over time.  It  increases moisture in the soil, reducing watering requirements and provides increased nutrient-holding capacity which helps to regulate the need for fertilizer feedings.  Pumice will not attract or host fungi, nematodes, or insects

Environmental Benefits: Pumice is an alternative to Perlite without a heavy carbon footprint.  Pumice characteristics help moderate chemical fertilization requirements.