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Kaz Winery and Valley of the Moon Children's Foundation

In collaboration with the Kaz Winery owners and staff, Kaz and Associates, LLC, (no relation) has been conducting field tests between several of the rows at the winery.  The winery has grown all its grapes with organic practices since it was established in 1995 – the very first winery in Sonoma Valley to do so.  The organic methodology made the vineyard a perfect fit to test the efficacy of several different organic soil enhancements, including trace minerals, beneficial microbes, and different types of compost rich in organic-matter.

Our yield has been fantastic!  Proceeds from the sale of the harvest will be donated to the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home – Sonoma County’s only 23 hour shelter for abused and neglected children.


Community Colleges

In difficult economic times, local community colleges often experience reduced funding.  To help augment Solano Community College horticultural program,  Kaz & Associates has contributed and repaired much needed equipment, volunteered hours to assist with ongoing projects and provided soil enhancement products to increase the yield of the department’s annual pumpkin patch, the proceeds of which provides additional program funds.  In addition, we have ongoing vegetable test plots at the college, utilizing our various organic soil enhancements.  The produce harvested will be donated to local food banks.

The Kaz team has recently started collaborating with Diablo Valley College horticulture department  working with their seasoned professionals on plant propagation and production.

Rogers Ranch, Pleasant Hill, CA

Our Harmony Organics teams works collaboratively with the Rogers Ranch owners, volunteers and local college students  to maintain this community garden.  We donate our soil products and time to educate the local community on farm to table practices as well as educate them on other sustainable farming techniques.



Local Charities

Recognizing that being involved locally has a great impact on the well-being of a community,  Kaz & Associates regularly sponsors and participates in various fundraising efforts.  Of special interest is the annual Michael Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament hosted by Forensic Analytical.