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Sarah Schuette & Joanna Berg

Service: Vendor

Dirty Business Soil Consulting & Analysis (DBS) is a laboratory dedicated to providing premium agricultural testing and consulting services to the Northern California region. Our goal is to provide knowledge to help build a healthy self-reliant community. Our mission is to help people and businesses care for their local soil and water resources by providing an array of scientific services for customers at all knowledge and experience levels. We make science accessible to everyone!


Service: Vendor

MagTek, Inc is a service company focused on developing excellence in magnetic fluid treatment services. Founded in 1985 to develop and market cost-effective proprietary and patented magnetic fluid conditioners (MFC),  MagTek serves a variety of industries, including water treatment and water transmission and treatment for industrial facilities. MagTek's MFC is safe. It reduces or eliminates the need for mechanical or chemical treatments and eliminates the contingent liability and clean-up costs associated with the use of dangerous chemicals. The MFC requires no electrical or external power.


Bryan & Stephanie Mazzarello

Service: Creative

We hired husband and wife team, Mazzarello Media & Arts to design us an amazing new website. They oversaw the wire framing, information architecture, design, project managed the contraction of the site, input the content and art directed the photo shoot. On top of all that they introduced us to our writer, photographer and website host.