Mag-Tek Fluid Conditioners

What it is: Magnetic Fluid Conditioning prevents minerals in the water from precipitating out in the form of scale when stored, or when heating or evaporation takes place.

What it’s used for: Water treatment for residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial use. It prohibits scale and wax build-up in pipes and equipment; progressively removes solids from existing pipes, boilers, water towers, heat exchange units, production equipment, portable domestic hot water systems; and removes or eliminates solid deposits from the walls of the pipe or surfaces of equipment. In addition, Mag-Tek greatly reduces the incidence of "under deposit" pitting corrosion cells from forming. A system clean of scale deposits is much easier to keep free of bacteria, fungus, and algae. Water treated with magnetic fluid conditioners is “softer,” greatly reducing or eliminating the need for chemicals.

Environmental benefits: Mag-Tek's patented technology is safe and the "State of the Art" Rare Earth permanent magnets make the M.F.C. self-powered with a life expectancy of decades.