Coco Coir Bricks

Multipurpose growing medium

What it is: Coco coir bricks are a multipurpose growing medium made from the coconut husk.  Coco coir or "pith" is an organic, renewable peat moss substitute.  Our Coco Coir Bricks are organic,  all natural, OMRI listed, low sodium, and have a neutral pH.

What it's used for: Coco coir is the ideal growing medium for organic and hydro-organic applications.  It is also an excellent addition to seed starting, potting mixes, and other soil medias. Coco Coir aids in the overall soil structure, aeration, and  water-holding capacity, has a high cation exchange capacity (CEC) and allows for rapid dense root growth with high yielding plants.

Environmental Benefits: Coconut coir bricks or pith is a superior,  eco-friendly alternative to peat moss in all growing mediums.  It is a 100% renewable and is not produced from the destruction of peat bogs or natural wetland wildlife habitats.  Coco coir can reduce the overall need for watering due to its high water holding capacity.